Discover the Best Kayak Rentals in Connecticut

Connecticut kayak rental

If you’re eager to embark on a water adventure in the picturesque state of Connecticut, there’s no better way to explore its scenic rivers and tranquil lakes than by renting a kayak. CT Coastal Kayaking, your trusted partner in aquatic exploration, presents a comprehensive guide to the finest kayak rental options in the Nutmeg State. Say goodbye to your search for the perfect kayak rental; we’ve got you covered.

Kayak Rental in CT

1. Collinsville Canoe & Kayak

Location: Hartford Area

For those situated in the Hartford area, your journey begins with Collinsville Canoe & Kayak, a seasoned establishment with over 30 years of experience. Nestled along the beautiful Farmington River, this gem of a shop offers an extensive selection of kayaks for rent, including both single and double models.

Rental Rates:

  • Single Kayaks: $30/half day; $45/full day
  • Double Kayaks: $50/half day; $70/full day

2. Sea Kayak Connecticut

Location: Connecticut Coast

For adventure enthusiasts, Sea Kayak Connecticut beckons. This reputable company not only provides kayak rentals but also offers guided kayak tours along various spots on the Connecticut coast. Whether you’re a novice or a seasoned kayaker, they have options to suit your needs.

Rental Rates:

  • Kayaks: $40/half day; $60/full day
  • Paddleboards: $40/half day; $60/full day

3. Westbrook Outlets Kayak Rental

Location: New Haven Area

In the vicinity of New Haven, Westbrook Outlets Kayak Rental is your go-to choice. Situated on the scenic Patchogue River, this rental shop offers both kayaks and stand-up paddleboards for your aquatic adventures.

Rental Rates:

  • Single Kayaks: $25/hour; $50/half day; $70/full day
  • Double Kayaks: $35/hour; $60/half day; $80/full day
  • Stand-up Paddleboards: $25/hour; $50/half day; $70/full day

4. Mystic River Kayak Company

Location: Mystic Area

Explorers in the Mystic area will find their dreams come true at the Mystic River Kayak Company. Here, you can rent both single and double kayaks and partake in guided tours of local waterways, immersing yourself in the scenic beauty of the region.

Rental Rates:

  • Single Kayaks: $30/hour; $45/half day; $65/full day
  • Double Kayaks: $40/hour; $60/half day; $85/full day

5. Black Hall Outfitters

Location: Old Lyme Area

If you’re in the Old Lyme area, look no further than Black Hall Outfitters. This renowned establishment offers a variety of kayak options, including sit-in and sit-on-top kayaks. Additionally, they provide guided tours for those who prefer an expert’s guidance.

Rental Rates:

  • Sit-in Kayaks: $40/half day; $65/full day
  • Sit-on-top Kayaks: $50/half day; $75/full day
  • Tandem Sit-on-top Kayaks: $75/half day; $100/full day

No matter where you find yourself in the beautiful state of Connecticut, there’s undoubtedly a convenient kayak rental option nearby. So, gather your gear, grab a paddle, and start exploring all the natural wonders the state has to offer.


Connecticut’s waterways are waiting to be explored, and with CT Coastal Kayaking’s guide to the best kayak rentals, you’re well on your way to a memorable aquatic adventure. Whether you’re seeking tranquility on a serene river or excitement on the open coast, these rental options have you covered. Don’t wait; it’s time to embrace the beauty of Connecticut from the seat of a kayak.

For more information on kayaking adventures and other aquatic pursuits, connect with CT Coastal Kayaking. We’re your partner in exploring the aquatic wonders of Connecticut.

Disclaimer: Rental rates and availability may vary. Please check with the respective rental establishments for the most up-to-date information.

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