VEVOR Kayak Cart: Convenient and Lightweight Transport Solution


The VEVOR Kayak Cart is a foldable and lightweight kayak dolly designed to make transporting your kayak a breeze. With its strong weight capacity, all-terrain solid wheels, and tie-down strap design, this kayak cart offers convenience and ease of use. In this review, I will share my personal experience using the VEVOR Kayak Cart and provide a conclusion on its overall performance.

Using the VEVOR Kayak Cart has greatly simplified the process of transporting my kayak. The 2mm thickened aluminum alloy frame provides excellent stability and durability, allowing it to carry my 250 lbs kayak without any issues. The all-terrain solid wheels are a standout feature, as they effortlessly navigate various terrains such as grasslands, sand beaches, and gravel roads. I no longer have to worry about inflating tires or checking pressure.

The tie-down strap design of this kayak cart is another highlight. The nonslip coating on the strap ensures a secure tie, preventing any slippage while pulling or pushing the cart. The oversized foam bumper pads protect my kayak from scratches or dents, giving me peace of mind during transportation. The foldable design is also convenient for storage and transport, and the ability to remove the tires with the lynch pin makes it even more compact.

Strong Weight Capacity

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The VEVOR Kayak Cart has a strong weight capacity thanks to its 2mm thickened aluminum alloy frame. This ensures that it can carry kayaks weighing up to 250 lbs without breaking or deforming. The robust construction of the cart allows for secure and worry-free transportation of your kayak, even on rough terrain. With this kayak dolly, you can confidently transport your kayak knowing that it can handle the weight.

All-Terrain Solid Wheel

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One of the standout features of the VEVOR Kayak Cart is its 10” solid tires. These tires do not require inflation or pressure checks, making them convenient and low-maintenance. The large-sized wheels are designed to absorb shock and navigate through various obstacles, making the kayak cart suitable for all terrains, including grasslands, sand beaches, and gravel roads. With these solid wheels, you can easily transport your kayak wherever your adventure takes you.

Tie-Down Strap Design

The VEVOR Kayak Cart features a tie-down strap design that ensures the secure transportation of your kayak. The nonslip coating on the strap prevents it from slipping off during transportation. Additionally, the cart is equipped with oversized foam bumper pads that protect your kayak from scratches or dents. Whether you’re going uphill or downhill, you can confidently pull or push the cart without worrying about your kayak slipping halfway. The tie-down strap design provides peace of mind and convenience during transport.

Foldable for Easy Loading

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The foldable design of the VEVOR Kayak Cart makes it easy to store and transport. The tires can be easily removed with the lynch pin, allowing you to directly place the kayak trolley on your car or kayak for easier carrying. The upgraded single foot support enables you to stop and fix the cart anytime during transport. Even on uneven road sections, the cart can be firmly locked without falling. The foldable feature of this kayak cart adds convenience and simplicity to your kayaking adventures.

Wide Application

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The VEVOR Kayak Cart is designed to accommodate various types of kayaks, canoes, Jon boats, paddleboards, and float mats. The carrying frame of the kayak trailer is widened to 16.1 inches, ensuring compatibility with a wide range of watercraft. The lengthened tie-down strap of 12 feet provides flexibility and convenience when securing your kayak to the cart. With its wide application, this kayak cart is a versatile and essential accessory for all water sports enthusiasts.

User Reviews

The VEVOR Kayak Cart has received mixed reviews from users. Some users have found it to be a bit challenging to position the cart under the kayak alone, and the strap design could be improved for more secure fastening. However, many users have praised its value for money, ease of use, and maneuverability. It has been particularly helpful for individuals who are unable to carry their kayaks alone or who need assistance in moving their watercraft. Users have also suggested watching instructional videos for a better understanding of how to properly secure the strap. Overall, the VEVOR Kayak Cart has been appreciated for its functionality and convenience in transporting kayaks.


  • Strong Weight Capacity: The VEVOR Kayak Cart has a 2mm thickened aluminum alloy frame, ensuring a larger load capacity of 250 lbs / 113 kg without breaking or deforming.
  • All-Terrain Solid Wheel: Equipped with 10” solid tires, this kayak cart is suitable for all terrains, including grasslands, sand beaches, and gravel roads. The large-sized wheels absorb shock and can pass through obstacle sections with ease.
  • Foldable for Easy Loading: The foldable design makes it convenient to store and transport. The tires can be easily removed with the lynch pin, allowing for easier carrying on cars or kayaks. The cart can also be firmly locked without falling, even on uneven road sections.


  • Difficult to Use Alone: Some users found it challenging to get the cart in the right place under the kayak, especially when using it alone. Lifting the kayak and shoving the cart under can be a bit cumbersome.
  • Limited Strap Placement: The cart only has one area for the strap to strap onto, which can make it difficult to secure the kayak properly. The strap tends to slip on the kayak when traversing rocky or uneven terrain.
  • Instructions Could Be Improved: Some users mentioned that the instructions for securing the strap could be better. They had to search for helpful videos online to learn the best way to use the strap and loop it through the cart.


    Overall, the VEVOR Kayak Cart has proven to be a reliable and handy tool for transporting my kayak. Its strong weight capacity, all-terrain solid wheels, and tie-down strap design provide a seamless experience. While there were a few minor limitations, such as the need for better instructions on securing the strap and the potential for the cart to collapse on uneven terrain, these did not significantly impact its overall performance.

    Considering its reasonable price and the convenience it offers, I highly recommend the VEVOR Kayak Cart to any kayak enthusiast. It has made the process of moving my kayak much easier and has proven to be a valuable addition to my gear.

    Questions & Answers:

    Question: Can this kayak cart handle a heavy fishing kayak?

    Answer: Yes, the VEVOR Kayak Cart can carry up to 250 lbs / 113 kg, making it suitable for heavier kayaks, including fishing kayaks.

    Question: Is the kayak cart easy to assemble?

    Answer: Yes, users have found the kayak cart easy to assemble. The parts are present, and it seems to be of good quality for the job.

    Question: Can I use this kayak cart on loose dirt, sand, or gravel?

    Answer: While the kayak cart is designed for all terrains, special caution is required when moving it on loose dirt, sand, or gravel. It is recommended to ensure that the strap is snug and that the cart is closer to the center of the kayak for better stability.

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